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    Medine Altiok Architecture
    Dipl. Arch AA/SIA/AKNW
    Sihlfeldstrasse 10
    CH–8003 Zürich
    +41 78 740 22 32 

Projects — 
  1. Muslim Cemetery Hamburg
  2. Gemeindesaal Arlesheim
  3. House of Families Aachen
  4. Butcher`s House Aachen
  5. Collective Housing Gockhausen
  6. Collective Housing Sulperg
  7. New Public Library Brixen
  8. Muslim Health Centre
  9. Raiffeisenbank Wiedikon
  10. New Silk Road Park Xian
  11. House of the Arts Beirut
  12. Art Gallery Maribor
  13. Artist`s Depot Münchenstein 
  14. Collective Housing Kriens
  15. Collective Housing Hauenstein
  16. Stadthaus Adliswil
  17. Lakeview Residences Bürgenstock
  18. Brick Leaf House London

Research / Publications —
Cities, Cultures and Territories
  1. Mittelmeerland
  2. Stadtfabrik
  3. Types of Housing

Teaching —
Architectural and Urban Design 
  1. Transformation Studio
  2. Mittelmeerland
  3. Types of Housing
  4. Yamashita Pier
  5. Urban Detached Houses
  6. Teaching the Norm
  7. Pet Architecture

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1. Muslim Cemetery Hamburg

Commission Building commission 
Dates 2017- 2020
Size 350 m2
Costs 1.4 Mio EUR 
Client DEGES and Hamburg City Council
Team Medine Altiok, Carol Kan, Olivia Rudolph (Visualization)
Structural Engineering Carola Görge, Hamburg
Building Services Belp Ingenieure, Hamburg
Electrical Engineering Sineplan, Hamburg
Acoustic Planning Applied Acoustics GmbH, Gelterkinden
Landscape Architect Cemterra and Brandenfels, Münster
Construction Management asdfg Architeken, Hamburg
General Contractor Bommhardt, Hamburg
            The project is an extension to the Cemetery Finkenriek for the growing population of the Muslim communities in near by neighbourhoods. The building is solely for Muslims, where they can bury their dead in accordance with Islamic rites. It will be the first building in Hamburg with this function. In principle, the building is oriented towards Mecca and designed as a single storey solid masonry structure arranging all functions under a wooden roof. The brick façade and the interior contain architectural elements and ornaments, which are borrowed from Islamic architecture and re-interpreted in a modern way.

Baustelle 19 August 2019