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  1. Mittelmeerland
  2. Stadtfabrik
  3. Types of Housing

  1. Transformation Studio
  2. Mittelmeerland
  3. Types of Housing
  4. Yamashita Pier
  5. Urban Detached Houses
  6. Teaching the Norm
  7. Pet Architecture

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3. Types of Housing

           Architectural education is supposed to prepare the future architects for this situation but is often focused too much on an artistic self-image. This perspective served as the basis for four semesters of teaching residential housing during the Guest Professorship of Felix Claus at the ETH Zurich. Architecture was conveyed considering the factors that presently shape its status as a producing discipline.
            The book documents the teaching activity, featuring exercises and student works. A comprehensive collection of typological examples, which was used as a constant point of reference for the students, forms the book’s backbone. It is rounded off by nine texts dealing with housing. Among the authors are Vittorio Magnano, Lampugnani, Hans Kollhoff, Kees Christiaanse and Adrian Meyer.

Titel Lehre und Typus: Beispiele, Texte und Übungen zum Wohnen in der Stadt 
Publication Date 03/2011
Publisher Winterwork, Borsdorf
Editors Medine Altiok, Benedikt Boucsein, Felix Claus, Axel Humpert Authors Andreas Tönnesmann, Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani, Georg und Dorothea Franck,
Bettina Köhler, Hans Kollhoff, Mark Michaeli, Laurent Stalder, Adrian Meyer, Kees Christiaanse
Graphic Design Moiré

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