Foto © Jasmin Schuller, 2021

Medine Altiok
Architect AA Dipl.

Medine is an architect and researcher, who graduated from the AA London in 2000. She runs her own practice in Zurich and Aachen. She is interested in intercultural projects and social integration in architecture. One example is the Muslim burial and prayer house in Hamburg. 
Beside her practice she has been teaching Architectural Design at ETH Zurich and BILGI University Istanbul and was Programme Director of the Mittelmeerland Visiting Schools at the AA London.
Medine is founder of, an initiative and academic project dealing with the urban transformation of the Mediterranean territory.


2020, Manifesta 13 Marseille
2018– Mittelmeerland Travel Exhibition, ongoing
2017   Mittelmeerland Results, AA London
2016   Venice Biennale of Architecture, Egyptian Pavilion
2015   Architektur 0.15: Jung, Weiblich, Zürich
2013   Swiss Art Awards, Basel
2008   Atlas of the Mediterranean, Salzburg
2007   Swiss Art Awards, Basel
2007   Living in the Orient, EAC Casablanca
2000   Presidents Medals, RIBA London
2000   Selected Projects Reviews, AA London


2021   Reading from `On Drifting`, Jan van Eyck Academie
2019   Adaptive Cities, AHRA Conference Dundee
           Mittelmeerland, ABU Kayseri
2018   Viscous Space Conference, TU Delft 
2017   Narrative Mapping, Ulab TU Berlin
2016   Poetic Sciences, University Hannover
2015   Angewandte Wien, Studio Mueller
           Academia Mendrisio, Studio Hasegawa
           Alte Positionen Neu, BDA Köln
           Living in the City, PBSA Düsseldorf
           Oceanland, Sint-Lucas, Brussels
           Mittelmeerland, Studio X Istanbul
           Mittelmeerland, Studio X Amman
2013   Bartlett London, Studio Kendall
           Mittelmeerland, Bilgi University
           Mittelmeerland, Alexandria University
2012   Mittelmeerland, AUB Beirut
2011   Urban Detached Houses, ZHDK Zurich
2008   Positionen, BDA Köln
2007   Housing Profiles Istanbul, ETH Zurich
           Atlas des Mittelmeeres, BHSF Zurich