Mittelmeerland – An urban Portrait of the Mediterranean

Title Mittelmeerland – An urban Portrait of the Mediterranean
Author Medine Altiok
Publisher Lars Müller Publishers
Publication Status ongoing

            Mittelmeerland is an urban research project and a publication investigating the future of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Sea not only separates two geographic continents, but has always been a complex crossroads between divergent social, economic, and political spheres. Mittelmeerland examines this many-sided region, showing how current and future developments and challenges manifest themselves here on both land and water. 

            The book investigates on ten port cities: Alexandria, Algiers, Barcelona, Beirut, Dubrovnik, Genua, Izmir, Marseille, Tangier, Tripolis. An essay provides an overview of the cartographic history of the Mediterranean region, and numerous drawings visualize the spatial transformation processes and territorial relationships between water, land, and ports.