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05 May 2020


Medine Altiok is invited as a Guest Critic at the Design Studio of Prof. Milica Topalovic – Chair of Architecure and Territory at ETH Zurich.


What can we learn from Albania’s mountainous countryside? How do we envision its future? Can our project be both social and ecological? Can we design new ways of living and working in the countryside?

23 December 2019


Narrative Cartography Capturing a Holistic Perspective on Waterscapes

Nancy Couling, Paola Alfaro d'Alençon, Medine Altiok

Water territories challenge inherited, land-based methods of capturing their history. They are a vital commons, where social, technical, political and cultural interests intertwine, potentially also causing conflict. Attention is currently focused both on the ecological importance of the water cycle for human well-being and ecosystem services, as well as on the unpredictable aspects of water through the effects of climate change. This paper argues that such interconnected challenges require new tools and methods of conceptualising and visualising waterscapes. Narrative cartography developed with citizen’s input, reveals itself to be a highly inclusive methodology which can capture neglected knowledge about the past as well as propose visions for the future. This method is discussed in two different geographic contexts  through the academic projects Streamscapes in Germany and Mittelmeerland in the Mediterranean.

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21 November 2019


Medine Altiok is invited to the AHRA Conference in Dundee and participating in the Round Table about Adaptive Cities. 

AHRA 2019 ︎

10 October 2019


Medine Altiok is invited to give a lecture about her `Mittelmeerland` Research at Abdullah Gül University in Kayseri- Turkey.

19 July 2019


Medine Altiok is invited to give a lecture about her `Mittelmeerland` Research at the La Rivoluzione delle Seppie International Summer Workshop in Belmonte Calabria. 

La Rivoluzione delle Seppie ︎ 

14 June – 08 September 2019 


„Frau Architekt“ und AUF KURS! // ON COURSE! im Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg 

Vernissage: 14 Juni 2019

Im Rahmen des Europäischen Netzwerktreffen AUF KURS! // ON COURSE! für Architektinnen und Planerinnen vom 14–16 Juni 2019
wird die Ausstellung „Frau Architekt“ im Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg eröffnet. Die Ausstellung wurde im vergangenen Jahr im Deutschen Architekturmuseum DAM in Frankfurt gezeigt. 

Die jetzige Ausstellung wird um einen Hamburger Aspekt mit einer Slide Show erweitert. Medine Altiok wird dort Ihr Projekt für den Neubau des Muslimischen Wasch- und Gebetshauses auf dem Friedhof Finkenriek zeigen. 

07 May 2019

Medine Altiok is invited as a Guest Critic at the Design Studio of Prof. Milica Topalovic – Chair of Architecure and Territory at ETH Zurich.

Can a city embrace the metaphor of a garden and the practice of gardening as ways to rethink its questionable imperative of “growth”? Can “urban growth“ be reimagined, its priorities reconsidered? Should a citizen be seen as consumer, or merely a dweller, or can he or she become a different kind of citizen, a gardener?


03 May 2019

Muslimisches Gebets- und Waschhaus auf dem Friedhof Finkenriek in Hamburg

17 February 2019

Medine Altiok is Guest Critic at the Design Studio of Vanessa Hull at HSLU Luzern. 

10 – 24 January 2019

EPAU Algiers

30 August 2018


Medine Altiok is elected as a member of the Foreigners' Advisory Board of the City Council Zurich.

Der Stadtrat von Zürich hat Ende August 2018 den Ausländerinnen- und Ausländerbeirat für die Amtsperiode 2018 bis 2022 neu bestellt. Der Ausländerinnen- und Ausländerbeirat der Stadt Zürich vermittelt dem Stadtrat Anliegen und Bedürfnisse der ausländischen Bevölkerung der Stadt Zürich. Er leistet Beiträge zu Gunsten der Integration sowie für ein gutes Zusammenleben und unterstützt den Stadtrat sowie die städtische Verwaltung bei integrations- politischen Fragen.

Ausländerbeirat ︎

20 – 22 June 2018


Urbanization processes coupled with shifting oceanic cycles have dramatically changed cities and landscapes in and around the North Sea over the centuries. However spatial pressure within the interpenetrating urban and ecological North Sea systems has reached unprecedented levels.

How can the spatial disciplines address this condition?

The conference gathers North Sea specialists from different disciplines and locations, as well as scholars who position their case-study within a wider historical, geographical or sociocultural context.

Medine Altiok will talk about narratives, representations and projections.

Viscous Space Conference ︎

27 July – 27 August 2018

Tangier American Legation Museum

21 January – 25 February 2017

AA London

28 May – 27 November 2016

We are glad to announce that the Mittelmeerland Visiting School is a main collaborator of the Egyptian Pavilion at 15th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia. Our research about the Coast of Alexandria will be exhibited. 

20 September 2015