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  3. Types of Housing

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  2. Mittelmeerland
  3. Types of Housing
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  5. Urban Detached Houses
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3. Types of Housing 

University D–ARCH ETH Zurich
Course Architectural Design Studio 3rd/4th year    
Dates 2008–2010  
Professor Felix Claus 
Assistants  Medine Altiok, Benedikt Boucsein, Axel Humpert

1 – Row House in London, Paris, Zurich 

            The central theme will be the type of the inner-city row house. Students will be able to choose between three sites in the centers of Zurich, London, and Amsterdam. Each student will work out a detailed and concrete project on lane, canal or street. As one of the oldest urban types, the roughhouse still carries great potential for our cities. By working on the projects we will make statements on how these potentials can best be utilized today. For doing so, we will have to gain a broader view of the theme and think beyond the context.

2 – Apartment in Berlin, Madrid, Paris 

            During the 19th century, the development of Europe’s great cities resulted in dense building blocks of an often speculative nature. Today, these quarters and flats usually meet high standards in terms of structure and location for inner-city dwelling and working. For our work on the subject of the city apartment, we have chosen three sites in the centers of Paris, Madrid, and Berlin, where a gap in a perimeter block of the 19th century will be filled in. Discussion and analysis will focus on the typological and architectural properties of the inner city apartment house. This is especially important as we do not aim at re-inventing the apartment house type. We rather want the existing qualities of this type to be consistently adapted to contemporary needs and building methods. The projects will focus on the configuration and materialization of an exemplary apartment as well as the relationship between facade and entrance to the street.

3 – Apartment House in Paris, Milan, Zurich

           We will work on the freestanding urban apartment house. On three prominent sites in Zürich, Paris, and Milan. Students will deal with a complex urban context, designing a place for urban living with a single entrance, several apartments, and ground-floor commercial uses. There are no pure typological examples for the type of building we will deal with: Freestanding intra-urban structures accessed through a single entrance for several tenants with their volume, openings, ground-floor uses, courts as well as overall height strongly related to the context. Design work in the Studio will be accompanied by research on historic and current examples of the freestanding apartment house.

4 – Highrise Apartment – Chicago, Tokio, Zurich

           We will work on the apartment high-rise type on three sites in Chicago, Tokyo, and Zurich. Main topics of the studio discussions will be the interaction of plan and structure, the position of the building within its urban surroundings and the relationship of the building’s ground level uses to the surrounding public space. Each student will work out an individual project on one of the three sites, with the objective to give an independent and typologically clear answer to the questions discussed. We will also discuss historical and current examples of apartment high-rises as well as constructive and economic aspects.